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Quick Property Cash Sales in a Week: Who We Can Help

Regardless of your circumstances - we can help...

We can help a lot of people and whilst we appreciate everyone's situation is unique, there are certain "Property Problems" that crop up time and time again. Perhaps there's a solution here that might help you...

Facing Repossession?

There are a number of really "neat solutions" that can stop repossession in its tracks - but it all has to start with you getting in touch.

Divorce or Separation

Our aim is always to ensure the sale moves forwards quickly and is entirely stress free for you

Financial Problems

Whatever the cause of your financial problem, we promise to give you the very best advice we can

Don't Like Estate Agents?

With us, there's no commission to pay, you don't need a mortgage and an exchange of contracts is possible within a week.

Property Needs Work

We don't mind if your property is un-mortgageable, or even has major structural faults - we'll buy it!

Retiring Landlord

Often landlords wish to sell because of problems they've had with either tenants or the property itself. In many cases these people still want to be invested in property, but don't want the hassle that goes with it.

Negative Equity

We can offer you the full amount you need to clear all debts and will even pay all your fees! We can get this sorted within about two weeks, meaning you can simply walk away from the property and start again - afresh - elsewhere.

Opportunity Not To Be Missed

Have you already found your dream home and need to act fast to make sure it doesn't slip through your fingers? If time is of the essence, we can offer you cash for your home now.

Guaranteed Rent Scheme

A 100% guaranteed rental income on your Buy to Let property over the next 3 to 7 years... with no strings attached

Ill Health

In some instances, perhaps where someone suddenly becomes debilitated, what was once a welcoming home becomes a real problem. If this sounds like you, then fill in the contact form below. We can offer some genuinely helpful advice on the best way forward


Many of the people we speak to have already moved out and in some cases are simply unable to sell their original property, for any number of reasons. This can be painful if you still have a mortgage on the original property and a second mortgage (or rent) on your new home.

Inherited Property

We will make you a genuine offer on your property, that will enable you to sell quickly and release any funds that are tied up

Chain Collapse

In about a third of cases, the chain collapses - if you feel there is a possibility you may lose your buyer, why not take a moment to fill in your details below?

Contact Kevin and Sally

No obligation, nothing to pay - Contact Koru now for a quick cash sale at a fair price